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Do you have bored or restless children home from school?

Looking for kosher movies, documentaries or video clips for yourself or your children?

Find yourself being exposed to inappropriate videos on Netflix, Youtube, or other such sites? 

(Hey, let’s be honest, it’s impossible NOT to be exposed to inappropriate things on these sites!)


Introducing Glatweb!

A simple Google Drive that anyone can access to view and download kosher videos.

All videos are vetted before being made live.
The videos on do not contain any images of women dressed provocatively or wearing tight clothing, or any suggestive scenes.

If you do find a video that you find even slightly questionable, please let us know right away at

Help us grow our collection!


If you have kosher video-clips, documentaries or movies that you’d be willing to share with us (that meet the standards above in red), please contact us at and we will give you access to a special folder that you can upload your videos for us to check and then make public for others to enjoy.

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Disclaimer: By using this site, you agree to take full responsibility for your own time-management (regarding Heaven's judgement). Too much of anything isn't good, and time wasting can sometimes be considered a sin and can also be damaging to your job, marriage and yiddishkeit in general. The purpose of this site is only to provide a kosher outlet for children and for those who would anyway be looking for something to occupy their spare time with, or to use to take short breaks to refresh themselves once in a while. This site does not endorse time-wasting and does not take responsibility for anyone's wasted time.

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